though distance may separate us
the hearts and minds neglect to forget
who knows what might lie before us
we all have our own courses set
but never think that you are alone
we will be standing there for you
do not fear that the hearts have turned to stone
you know we will never do

youthful wishes we had long ago
now seem to be closer than ever
close to grasp
close to mind
but the friendships made still hold close to heart

different paths and different hopes
what might the future hold for us
will the friendships still hold true
despite the distance in between

the song of our hearts will still be true
the same beating and singing of the hearts
whyy should the friendships falter without struggles
if we do not work to keep them safe

love is ours
eternal bonds too
so lets work to safekeep the friendship we treasure

so we will be there to catch you when you fall
wherever you are...

dreams interwoven together
never to forget one another
friendships lasting for forever

the courses are set
farewells have been said
but the hearts remain bonded --
for eternity.

Copyrighted by *wenyun ]] 6jive batchmate